Sunday, 14 July 2013

Shedding her colours

Day 1 Saturday 6 hours

Day 2 Sunday 8 hours

rainbow decals

Saturday, 13 July 2013

lights, batteries, and propane tank

I took some pics this morning to share a few ideas I used.  The battery compartment is a double battery size box. I have two 6 volt golf-cart batteries in it. And I used welding cables to go from the battery to the inverter.                                                  
 I screwed the regulator to the battery box instead of building a bracket for it.
 The battery box sits on two flat iron bars (bolted to the frame) and is bolted from inside the box.
 I welded a square frame out of angle iron a bolted it to the I beam of the trailer. The propane tank sits on the frame and is bolted together via the square frame and the ring on the bottom of the tank. My whole goal was to have  a clean and uncluttered look
 When I placed my order in I got one tail lens (oops). the top one is from Canadian tire at a cost of $2.00 and the bottom at $25.00. I do like the bottom one better. Behind them I fitted them with L.E.D's
 Now this little guy is a tail light from a Harley Davidson bike. Made out of metal and looks like it belong on the trailer. It is a new light. There are tons of lights to choose from in there catalog. I loved this one.

 Last year I found a 1955 trailer plate. Not the best shape, but I have one.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013