Monday, 19 December 2011

1972 GMC and 29ft trailer

The start

All stories start somewhere, So I'll start this one back in 1988 shortly after I move to Victoria. I was sitting in a bar when somehow someone was selling a fiddle. And I bought it for $80 bucks. Years later in 2008 and four fiddles to my collection I wanted a boat. So I traded that fiddle for a 1921 ft. bayliner. One year later I needed a truck to tow the boat, so I bought a 1972 GMC. Two weeks after my lovely other half wanted a big trailer, so I sold the boat and bought a travel trailer.

I'm very happy with the trailer but I love projects. I was surfing youtube and came across a guy restoring old trailers and I was hooked. The hunt was on to find one. It's a 45 minute drive to work and I found my 1955 rainbow sitting in a driveway. No for sale sign. I knocked on his door and no answer. I went back again the next day I met him. The end result was $100.00 to my door 40min down the road. As funny as it my seem
it was still insured to be one the road. He hook it up to his truck and towed it to my place.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

1955 rainbow

This is my new trailer where is sat in the PO driveway